Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group offers practical and tailored Diversity & Inclusion services to your organization with extensive knowledge of best practices, concepts, and tools. Our Unique Approach is to FULLY IMPLEMENT Diversity & Inclusion in your organization to ensure sustainable success. We believe Diversity & Inclusion comes from DOING the work, not just from believing in it.

We offer three distinctive services to meet your organization’s Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) needs.

I. Diversity@Workplace Workshop: Diversity & Inclusion Beyond the Basics (at our Cambridge location)

This no-frills one-day workshop will be packed with information on all aspects of diversity & inclusion (D&I) for the workplace including:

To deepen the learning and collaboration, the workshop includes set times for peer discussions and problem solving, and extensive in-depth Q&A to answer all your D&I questions.

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Eventbrite - Diversity@Workplace WORKSHOP: Diversity & Inclusion Beyond the Basics May 4, 2017

II. D&I Training and Dialogue Facilitation (onsite in your organization)

To discuss your training or facilitation needs,
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III. Full-time On-site D&I Assessment, Design and Implementation within Your Organization (onsite “Inside-Out” Consultation)

We care about how the D&I initiatives will work in your organization. Other consultants leave after making recommendations, we stay to implement them.

To discuss how this unique approach can work for your organization,
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