Operations Supervisor – Central Division of Boston Municipal Court

Operations Supervisor – Central Division of Boston Municipal Court

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Title: Operations Supervisor – Central Division of Boston Municipal Court

Pay Grade: Grade 14

Starting Pay: $58,633.64

Departmental Mission Statement: Given our unique responsibility to advance the fair administration of justice, the Boston Municipal Court Department is devoted to the rule of law through the conscientious and expeditious resolution of disputes, with a commitment to restoring the human spirit through correction, education, respect and compassion.




This position is designated as a union position and is covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with O.P.E.I.U., Local 6.

Position Summary: 

SUMMARY OF SERIES: This series is responsible for supervising a major work unit within an office of a Clerk-Magistrate, Register of Probate, or an equivalent office.

• Work involves assigning and reviewing work, training and appraising personnel, and other supervisory duties.
• In addition, this series is responsible for providing service to the public and other individuals with business with the court consistent with policies on confidentiality.
• The position title above the entry level requires the performance of increasingly more responsible and varied work which requires more knowledge of overall court and administrative operations.
• Employees are appointed at the entry level position title and are eligible for reclassification to the higher-level position title within this series consistent with the specifications for the higher-level position title.
• The position title reverts to the entry level when there is a vacancy.


This position is part of a series that includes a number of levels. Employees are appointed to the entry level and are eligible to advance to the higher levels consistent with this job description and Trial Court policies.

Operations Supervisor I – This is the entry level position title within this series. Employees at this level are expected to supervise a major work unit of an office and to perform the full range of case processing duties.
Operations Supervisor II – This is the second level position title within this series. Employees at this level are expected to perform advanced supervisory duties and to be involved in quality control activities within the entire work unit. May also serve as the back-up to the Office Manager.


Operations Supervisor I Duties:

•Supervises a major work unit within an office of a Clerk-Magistrate, a Register of Probate, or an equivalent office, such as criminal or specialized civil work units.
• Supervises all case processing activities within a major work unit, including the preparation of record entries, court orders, bonds, judgments, warrants, court lists and various dockets, assures the completeness and accuracy of court records, coordinates the scheduling of cases and hearings, and the maintenance of all files.
• Provides supervision and direction to subordinate staff and coordinates workflow within the major work unit, including distributing work, disseminating information, assigning staff to cover for absences, providing technical assistance, answering questions, and resolving problems within the work unit supervised.
• Performs assigned duties and assists less experienced users on MassCourts and/or other comprehensive, integrated case management systems which feature electronic filing of complaints, extensive docketing, scheduling, and management reporting.
• Supervises the development and implementation of training programs within the work unit supervised.
• Serves as a liaison between the work unit and other offices and outside agencies for the distribution and collection of information and to resolve operational issues.
• Provides customer service to attorneys, litigants, law enforcement personnel, and the general public.
• Serves as a point of contact for information concerning cases processed within the major work unit who is capable of responding to any inquiry within established guidelines.
• May use specialized communication skills in performing these duties.
• Develops and implements new procedures and responds to changes in statutes and administrative policies.
• Trains staff in the use of automated systems and word processing software, introduces new versions or functions, trouble shoots problems, and attends meetings.
• Assists in the preparation of the budget for the work unit, office, or court; Performs administrative work for a supervisor.
• Supervises the collection and reporting of statistics concerning cases processed; and performs the duties of a lower-level series as required.

Operations Supervisor II Additional Duties:
• Performs advanced supervisory duties, including reviewing work performance, motivating subordinates to work more effectively, identifying problems with performance and solutions to those problems, determining training needs to improve performance, initiating informal measures to correct misconduct or making recommendations for formal discipline.
• Regularly monitors the accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of case processing activities within the major work unit supervised.
• Evaluates and recommends ways to improve case processing activities within the major work unit supervised.
• Participates in the hiring and promoting of staff within the work unit supervised, including serving on a panel to interview applicants and making recommendations to superiors.
• Prepares and/or processes personnel actions such as promotions, appointments, transfers, leaves of absences.
• Supervises the maintenance of personnel records and time sheets for staff supervised.
• Coordinates time off requests to ensure adequate coverage.
• May serve as the back-up to the Office Manager as required; and performs the duties of the lower level within this series as required.

Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position of Operations Supervisor:

Operations Supervisor I Requirements: Graduation from high school or its equivalent and a minimum of six years of experience in an office of a Clerk-Magistrate, Register of Probate or equivalent office, or an equivalent combination of education and experience (especially supervisory experience).
• Prior experience as a Case Coordinator preferred.
• Thorough knowledge of state statutes, court procedures and policies, legal documents and terminology, laws, and functions of the court.
• Thorough knowledge of the rules, practices, and procedures pertaining to the work unit supervised.
• Considerable knowledge of experience using personal computers, including word processing software such as MS Word, spreadsheet software such as MS Excel, and data base management software 

To apply for this job please visit trialcourtjobs.mass.gov.