Facilities Systems Supervisor-Suffolk County Courthouse

Facilities Systems Supervisor-Suffolk County Courthouse

Massachusetts Trial Court

Title: Facilities Systems Supervisor-Suffolk County Courthouse

Pay Grade: 18

Starting Pay: $80,071.49

Departmental Mission Statement: The Facilities Management Department of Trial Court provides for the management and maintenance of 63 state-owned courthouses located in ten counties of the Commonwealth. The Department is committed to administering effective property management, and for ensuring the delivery of quality services necessary for the efficient and reliable operation of all of the facilities which it maintains.



The hours for this position is 6am-2pm. This position will be posted for three weeks.

This position is designated as a union position and is covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with O.P.E.I.U., Local 6.

This position  may be considered essential personnel in certain emergencies and may be required to work outside of regularly scheduled hours, including staying late or coming in early

This position will have travelling.

Position Summary: Working within the Facilities Management Department of the Massachusetts Trial Court, the Facilities Systems Supervisor shall establish and oversee maintenance programs to ensure that building systems remain in a good state of repair and that system components remain in good working order.    The Facilities System Supervisor is responsible for the overall condition of the various mechanical, electrical, life safety, plumbing, elevator / escalator, and other designated facility systems.   The Facilities System Supervisor performs and assigns both preventive maintenance activities, troubleshooting activities, and makes and oversees corrective repairs.  Assigns and supervises work delegated to maintenance staff as well as outside vendors and contractors.  Assists with the development of project scopes, budgets, and time lines affecting the facilities. On behalf of the Facilities Management Department, coordinates with the Department of Capital Asset Management and Maintenance (DCAMM) for the coordination of construction projects as necessary, and acts as the primary technical resource for the region.   

Supervision Received: General direction is received from the Manager of Facilities assigned to the region, in performing duties in accordance with established guidelines.  



Supervises the daily performance of the building systems and is responsible for adjusting he performance of equipment to ensure optimal systems performance to provide for a proper building environment;  

Maintains a daily log of all concerns / complaints submitted by building occupants and shall investigate all complaints; this investigation shall include a response back to the initiator of the complaint with a resolution to the problem reported;  

Issues job priorities to Maintenance Technicians and other staff along with scheduling overtime and vacations.   

Performs random inspections to monitor completeness and quality of work;  

Shall be responsible for major equipment rebuilds, system upgrades and construction projects.  

Coordinates all aspects of these projects, as in the Project Management section below.   

Routinely writes authorization requests in support of facility or facility system improvements;  

Shall be versed with the performance of building systems and shall be able to detect issues and identify problems as they arise;  

Shall be computer literate and shall be expected to adjust, monitor, and operate computer controlled equipment, including but not limited to platforms such as Energy Management Systems (EMS);  

Acts as the liaison between the Facilities Management Department and DCAMM in coordinating and executing Deferred Maintenance, Energy Efficiency and other Building Projects;  

Responsible for the upkeep of the CAMIS work order system to ensure work orders are closed when work is completed;   Reports building performance monthly;  

Maintains an inventory of plans, specifications, record drawings, cuts, catalogs, instructional material and performance records;  

Ensures scheduled maintenance (PMs) are completed in accordance with assigned frequencies;  

Supervises the performance of equipment maintenance contractors to ensure that work is completed as per the specifications and scope of work;  

Tracks and insures completion of unscheduled maintenance (corrective work orders); and   Performs other related duties as required;   PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  

Assists with the development of project scope, budget and time line and participates in the project design process;  

Assists with design constructability reviews and coordinates the bid and award process;  

Coordinates the activity of the construction teams to ensure minimum impact to operations and provides oversight for the project;   Conducts scheduled meetings to review project status, develop punch lists, and commission the project;  

Provides and communicates reports and presentations outlining the project status to the customer and Facilities Management senior staff;  

Ensures safety risk assessment, environmental health policies, as applicable are adhered to by the construction contractors;  

Reviews and analyzes change order requests for merit and cost reasonableness;  

Leads the activities of internal and external resources;  

Ensure all code compliance is obtained to support the project;  

Proactive with sustainability, conservation, and energy efficiency efforts;  

Ensures are Massachusetts General Laws are adhered to for proper bidding of projects and procurement of goods and services. 

Job Competencies: All applicants must be able, through the interview process, to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the following areas.
• Ethics and Values: Communicates and demonstrates the ethics and values of the Court Facilities Department and the Trial Court.
• Mission: Understands, upholds, and communicates the Trial Court and Court Facilities Department missions. Applied Knowledge Understands standard facility management methods, codes, and operational best practices.
• Problem Solving: Accurately assesses maintenance problems of a routine nature and initiates corrective action.
• Continuous Learning: Demonstrates a commitment to continuously improve himself or herself through training and making use of new methods and equipment.
• Commitment to Diversity: Promotes an environment of diversity through understanding, respect, and positive communication with persons of varied racial, ethnic, economic, and cultural backgrounds.
• Customer Service: Contributes to a departmental environment emphasizing conduct that is courteous and professional toward both Trial Court employees and the public.
• Collaboration: Works with others cooperatively, and demonstrates teamwork, contributing to a work environment that focuses on shared goals.

Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position Facilities Systems Supervisor:  

Five (5) or more years of practical work experience in a supervisory capacity related to systems management, or as a maintenance engineer versed in the diagnosis, repair, and adjustment of building systems;

A Bachelor’s degree in mechanical or electrical engineering from an accredited college or university may be substituted for 3 years of practical work experience;   Department of Public Safety Construction Supervisor license is preferred;       

Department of Public Safety Refrigeration Technician license is preferred;  

Working knowledge of such regulatory items as State Building Codes especially as they relates to access and egress; the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes as it relates to the performance of the fire alarm system and the sprinkler system including the maintenance of same; the State elevator code as it relates to the performance and maintenance of elevators and escalators; the BOCA code as it relates to the performance of the ventilation system (supply and return air); the National/State electrical code as it relates to the maintenance  of electrical equipment and switch gear;   

Knowledge of building materials and their use in the maintenance/repair and operation of large buildings;            

Experience in interpreting blueprints and plans, estimating costs for renovations, maintenance/repair of facility systems and supervising skilled technical staff at multiple work sites;  

Working knowledge of automated energy management systems and Direct Digital control systems;  

Experience utilizing a computerized work order system to issue, record and track maintenance activities, and performing and overseeing work assigned through such a system;  


Employment with the Trial Court is contingent upon passage of a criminal record check.

To apply for this job please visit trialcourtjobs.mass.gov.