Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group offers practical and tailored Diversity, Equity & Inclusion services to your organization with extensive knowledge of best practices, concepts, and tools. Our Unique Approach is to FULLY IMPLEMENT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization to ensure sustainable success. We believe Diversity, Equity & Inclusion comes from DOING the work, not just from believing in it.

We offer a variety of services to meet your organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) needs.

If you’re not sure where to start please call us and we can guide you through our services.


Transformational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Certificate:

Fluency in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is critical for business success in our increasingly complex and networked worlds, and the urgency has never been more clear.  In a three-module, six-session leadership development series, offered in partnership with Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, participants at any level of their organization will be equipped with actionable tools and techniques to bring back to their workplaces.

The three modules are broken down into six sessions delivered twice a week over three weeks. Each module will build in complexity, starting with foundational understanding, building to DEI strategy for businesses, and concluding with training on the nuanced aspects of DEI including unconscious bias and microaggressions. Can’t attend all of it? Don’t let that discourage you – start somewhere and join us for one of the modules. We will offer this program at least twice a year – starting summer and fall 2020.

We encourage more than one person per organization to participate to help increase organizational comfort with and adoption of learnings. A digital certificate will be awarded upon completion of all three modules (a total of six sessions).

Please click here to learn more about the modules and how to register.

Unconscious Bias Training (onsite in your organization or virtually)

Our out-of-the-box training

  • Delivered at organization’s site or virtually
  • Each session is 90 minutes long
  • The basics:
    • What the difference is between bias and unconscious bias
    • Where unconscious bias comes from
    • The types of bias that are common in the workplace and their impacts
    • How to reduce your own bias in the workplace and hold others accountable
  • Facilitate dialogue at your organization with your associates

Customized Assessment (onsite in your organization or virtually)

We meet with your associates and leaders to determine where your organization currently stands on DEI issues and make recommendations for next steps.

  • Conduct focus groups with associates
  • Speak with senior leaders 1-on-1
  • Report back to your organization on the common themes and how to address them


Customized DEI Training and Dialogue Facilitation (onsite in your organization or virtually)

  • Delivered at organization’s site or virtually
  • Full day or half day
  • Customized content based on organization’s needs and audience including
    • General “What does DEI mean in your organization?”
    • Diverse recruiting training
    • How to start Employee Resources Groups(ERGs)
    • How to create DEI goals, gain buy-in and hold everyone accountable
    • How to update existing processes and procedure to implement DEI — “DEI Works by Design”
  • Facilitate dialogue at your organization with your senior leaders, DEI Council, and HR professionals

ERG strategy and guidance (onsite in your organization or virtually)

  • Consultation provided at organization’s site as well as remotely
  • Our experts can help you start your ERG program from scratch or help your existing ERG program flourish
    • How many ERGs should you have?
    • How to set up ERGs for sustainability and success
    • How to utilize ERGs for more than employee engagement
      • Recruiting
      • In-house product/program consultation
      • Focus group specific demographics

1-on-1 Executive Coaching (onsite in your organization or virtually)

We will partner with your organization’s HR team/DEI team to offer individual coaching and education to fill or strengthen individual gaps and strengths for the SVPs and EVPs and/or DEI HR Team members.  It could include:

  • Education of the general DEI concepts, barriers and best practices, in-depth discussions on DEI topics and issues, and extensive Q&A.
  • How to influence, implement change for DEI work within an organization, and the pitfalls to avoid, how to thrive in the DEI role, understanding of external, and extensive Q&A (including on-demand situational consultation).
  • Role Playing
  • Creating talking points


Talent Process Change Implementation

  • We partner with your organization’s Operations team and others as appropriate to fully understand current talent management processes.
  • With your Operations team, we decide which processes need to be updated or created and how to update/tweak existing processes to allow for sustainable DEI changes.

DEI Framework – Strategy and Roadmap

  • Using the Assessment data, we partner with your organization’s Operations to create a “rolling” 3 Year Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy Plan.
  • The Plan includes current state, the desired outcome/future state, roadmap with goals for three years, annual tactics and milestones.
  • The Plan also includes measurements and accountability goals for the organization and the leadership team (if applicable).

To discuss how any of these approaches can work for your organization,
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