Our Approach

Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group is an innovative, implementation-focused Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consulting and training company for your workplace. We bring no frills, deeply practical Diversity, Equity & Inclusion expertise and experience.

Our knowledge and services encompass all aspects of talent – recruiting, learning and development, succession planning, performance management, and associate engagement – to the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work in your organization for a holistic talent strategy, goal-setting, and programming.  We have worked with clients from many different industries including pharma, finance (banking institutions and accounting firms), academia (colleges and universities), tech, law, sports, and nonprofit.

Other consultants leave after making recommendations, we stay to implement them.

When to Use Us

When you are ready to start Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization but do not know where or the best way to begin.

When you want to take Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization beyond multicultural awareness and training.

When you want your workforce demographic make-up and engagement to change.

Our Beliefs

We believe in DOING Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, not just talking about it.

We believe training alone will NOT bring about change.

We believe Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is not only about changing of the minds, it is about changing of practices and processes.

We believe integration is the best method for inclusion at the workplace.

Our Approach

Our method is a no-frills and practical one.

Our unique approach is to FULLY IMPLEMENT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in your organization to ensure sustainable success. We believe Diversity, Equity & Inclusion comes from DOING the work, not just from believing in it.

Whether it is our onsite facilitation/training or our offsite workshops, we combine our comprehensive talent knowledge and organizational behavior expertise with our experiences of what really works in the workplace to deliver implementable and sustainable techniques, strategies and information.

Check out the services that we provide. Contact us to see how we can put our approach to work for you.

Our Team

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Aleksandra Bookman

Gwendolyn McCoy

Marshall Joun

Sara Blackerby

Stella Okeke-Common

Su Joun

Zainub R. Ruane