Arturo Natella

Headshot of Arturo Natella. Centered photo of a Latino male in a dark grey suit against a blue backdrop.

Arturo Natella (he/him/el) is a Senior Diversity Recruiting Consultant with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group. Arturo discovered his passion for this work while working for the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. At the MassCEC, he developed the Massachusetts Clean Energy Internship Program and grew the program to a robust $1.5 million workforce development program. Arturo connected diverse students to good-paying clean energy internships throughout Massachusetts through the program.

Arturo went on to work in the Massachusetts Legislature for the Assistant Vice Chair of Ways and Means. He advised and advanced legislative priorities on workforce development, always focusing on BIPOC communities. Arturo later created Amaru, a diverse talent sourcing service aimed at promoting BIPOC in the workforce. Through Amaru, Arturo has supported enterprises to rethink their talent sourcing strategies while lowering barriers and increasing access to wealth-building employment opportunities for BIPOC.

Arturo is a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter (CDR) and has received Diversity and Inclusion certification from Cornell University.

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