Danielle Moehler

Danielle Moehler is an innovative Executive Assistant with a focus on human resources support, proposal writing, and e-commerce operations.  Originally from the Washington, DC area, she graduated from James Madison University with a degree in marketing.

Danielle started her career at James D. Klote & Associates, a fundraising consulting firm specializing in raising funds for nonprofit organizations.  Most recently, she was the Executive Assistant to the Chief Operations Officer of 3 health supplement e-commerce sister companies.   In this role, Danielle elevated her craft by infusing cutting-edge technology into operational procedures including onboarding/offboarding, finance reporting, order fulfillment, and calendar management.

Danielle lives in Boise, Idaho, where she enjoys being outdoors, watching sports, spending time with friends, hiking, and traveling as much as possible.  She is determined to see the world and believes true happiness comes from seeing things through others’ eyes and lending a helping hand whenever you can.

A Little About Me…

What is something that gives you energy at work?

Knowing that the work I’m doing has meaning and helps other people in their day to day lives

‌What is your favorite quote? 

“Choose the bigger life” – Gretchen Rubin

‌Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 

Without a doubt 😉

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