Marshall Joun

Marshall Joun (they/he/she) is the Online Content Manager at Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group. Their passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion stemmed from their experience as a professional actor and performer in the Greater Boston area and beyond. They are dedicated to shaping a more colorful, truthful landscape in the entertainment industry and pushing for new stories that bring voices to the table that are otherwise underrepresented.

Marshall has worked with the Diversity and Inclusion Committee and Student Diversity and Inclusion Committee at Penn State University’s School of Theatre. They advocate for representation and equity in their work in theatre, film, and television through working closely with BIPOC-driven companies such as The Poor Theater Collective, and even hosted an original talk “It’s More Than a Moment: a Conversation on Active Allyship”. They are currently an actor, writer, and performer based in New York City. Marshall also has social media/marketing experience with various organizations, including J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company.

Marshall received their Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from Penn State University.

A Little About Me…

Who or what inspires you to do your best work?

My brother, my dad and my mom inspire me to do my absolute best – not only have I not met harder workers, but they all achieve so much without sacrificing their thoughtfulness, their patience and grit.

What do you like to do during your free time?

I love walking my dog in the park! She’s getting old, but she’s still got a lot of spunk!

What type of food could you eat every day?

Korean food of any kind! But home-cooked is always the ultimate.

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