Sara Blackerby

Sara Blackerby (she/her/hers) is the Operations Manager at Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group. Her passion for diversity and inclusion crystallized during her tenure at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. After many years of working with multiple BCBSMA community partners, she joined the Women@Blue employee resource group’s leadership team as the Community Lead. This opportunity allowed her to more directly support the company’s overall diversity and inclusion work through participation in community events, and coordination of volunteer opportunities with an emphasis on women and working parents.

Sara has nearly two decades of health insurance experience with roles in customer service, call center management, marketing, sales, and project management. She is a passionate communicator, relationship builder, and cross-functional collaborator. She is also a firm believer that no process is perfect and brings her operations expertise to bear in finding areas of opportunity for improvement and increased efficiency. Sara has been an active participant in supporting the team and organizational culture throughout all of her roles.


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