Stella Okeke-Common

Stella Okeke-Common (she/her/hers) is a Senior Consultant with Diversity@Workplace who builds wellness into the foundation of building diverse and inclusive environments where everybody is seen and heard. She is passionate about fostering growth in people and the environment, seeing others not just survive, but thrive will always be the goal!

With over 13 years of transformative leadership experience – working with diverse college students across the globe – Stella is skilled in the areas of strategic planning, talent acquisition, learning and development, supervision, project management, conflict resolution, large-scale problem solving, and crisis management. Social justice is at the foundation of each expertise.

Stella’s philosophies include strategically planning through a critical lens in all areas of business. Incorporating inclusive data metrics and strong interpersonal skills to cross-functionally collaborate with others for optimum results. Research, Collaborate, Plan, Execute, Assess, Enhance, Repeat. Stella is a Ph.D. candidate in Educational Leadership at Concordia University and earned her Master’s and B.S at Iowa State University in Educational Leadership and Psychology. Stella recently completed a certificate from the Social Justice Training Institute.