Stella Okeke-Common

Stella Okeke-Common (she/her/hers) is a Senior Consultant with Diversity@Workplace who believes that wellness is always at the foundation of building diverse and inclusive environments where everybody is seen and heard.

She has over 15 years of transformative leadership experience working with diverse youth and professionals across the globe, skilled in the areas of strategic planning, facilitated discussions, cultural competence and capital, learning and development, identity-conscious mentorship, project management, conflict resolution, large-scale problem solving, and crisis management.

Stella’s philosophies include strategically planning through a critical lens in all areas of business. Incorporating inclusive data metrics and strong interpersonal skills to cross-functionally collaborate with others for optimum results. Research, Collaborate, Plan, Execute, Assess, Enhance, REST. Repeat.

She is very passionate about wellness in the workplace. After ‘All Things 2020’, she believes that we have an opportunity to reimagine what work and the workplace look like so let’s take this opportunity to do so through the lens of equity, inclusion, and wellness. Let’s Reset! She’s also passionate about seeing growth in people and their environment, building a career on seeing others not just survive, but thrive will always be the goal!

Stella is currently a PhD candidate in Educational Leadership at Concordia University- River Forest.

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