Zainub R. Ruane

Headshot of Zaiub Ruane. Middle Eastern woman in a white blouse centered in front of bookshelves.Zainub R. Ruane (she/her/hers) is a Lead Consultant with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group. She solidified her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) shortly after becoming a parent and experiencing the corporate world through the lens of a caregiver and woman of color. She has spent the last few years working to change perceptions and stereotypes in the workplace surrounding people in marginalized communities through her work with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group, where she advises and trains organizations on DEI daily.

Zainub has over a decade of experience working with and for Global Fortune 500 Companies such as Boston Scientific, Olympus America, and Chubb Corporation. She has developed and influenced product marketing on a regional and international level. The majority of her experience is in the medical device industry where she marketed surgical devices and systems. Zainub has played an active part in supporting the team and organizational culture throughout all of her roles.

She received her Master’s in Business Administration from Babson College and her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Anthropology from Rutgers University. Most recently, Zainub completed a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from eCornell. She is currently completing a course on Gender Inclusion through the University of Pittsburgh.

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